Sporting Injuries

Sporting injuries can slow you down and stop you running smoothly

There's no doubt that Manly is conducive to a healthy lifestyle and attracts a wide variety of people and fitness levels from triathletes, marathon runners and cyclists to the everyday walker.

At times these activities can place a greater demand on your body ending up in discomfort and pain, resulting in a sports injury and subsequent loss of your fitness level.

Sports injuries can be the result of:

•  Not warming up properly before exercising.
•  Pushing too hard for your current level of fitness.
•  Incorrect shoes for your foot type.
•  Inadequate shock absorption, worn out or ill-fitting shoes.
•  Structural abnormalities.
•  Poor technique.

Types of sports injury

Sport injuries can be acute or chronic. Acute sports injuries occur as a result of sudden impact or awkward movement, e.g. a muscle tear or a sprained ankle. Chronic sports injuries develop over time, often due to the continual use of the same joints or muscle groups, accompanied by a bad technique or structural abnormalities.

Avoid and fix those injuries

All injuries such as these need attention and Manly Cove Podiatry is here to help people of all ages and fitness levels maintain an active lifestyle by providing expert advice and treatment so you can continue running smoothly.

See our Orthotics and Services pages for more detail on the various treatment options.